Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Blue and Bronze too!

A little different even for me. I know everything is different. Everything is a first time attempt. With the exception of my Russian Spiral bracelets and the variations on them I guess everything is a one of a kind. Even the bracelets are, too, if you count that there are no two the same colors of beads.
I am not a color blue lover but the last necklace and this necklace are both blue. However this one is very very blue!
It all started with a stone for a cab that I did with the idea of doing another Freeform Peyote bracelet. I did the cab and started the bracelet and both my brother and my husband said that the stone was too large/heavy for a bracelet. I had to agree with them. So the one side was easy to continue and the other side got some extra thread added and it grew to necklace lenth too. I wanted to do Peyote but did not know where I was going with it. I had four rows done and it just seemed wide enough. Now what?
I decided to add a little fringe. I added a length of 11 beads and a tiny stop bead to make each fringe. I did each fringe in the colors that made the necklace. That made 7 of each of the four colors of blue on each side. I really thought I was going to do more.
It said done.
So I added a silver clasp. I am wearing it as I write. I really liked it and it feels good.
I do a bezel for the stones and they are not the easiest thing to do as I do not use a backing. I guess you could wear it backwards and it would not look much different. Back is below
Oh, yes I almost forgot...bronze.
My neice Amy was making an order for beads did I need anything? Ah, well, what do you think? I ordered some great items and two bronze colored beads one 15/0 and one 11/0. Just asking to be a Russian Spiral bracelet. I did the increases much like the first bracelet I learned to make when I took my orginal and only class.
It is a variation on a design by Jenny of Mad Chiwawa Designs. The kit I did first, is on the following page.


jessicamae3 said...

I love it! Can I have it? love the blue!!! And the stone, delish!
Can I have it?

jessicamae3 said...

I love your new necklace. I love the color light blue.