Friday, January 18, 2013

What's on Your Plate???

Ah, not that plate...

Your beading plate or crafting plate!

Yes I am doing more rings and there are some from before on my plate.  The rings at about 10, 5 and 6 and a half on the plate all three have the same colored rivoli as the center.  It is called Peacock eye and it is beautiful.  The crystal takes on the colors or the surrounding beads and bicone crystals and look totally different.  Love it!
Also on my plate is a decorating project to make a new piece of luggage match the rest.  I decorate them all the same and they are certainly easy to pick out in a crowd of black luggage on a conveyor belt at the airport!
The day I was putting on the first coat in my cowgirl boots made me laugh.  As cars passed and people rode by on bikes and walked by I realized the picture I was...Oh well the suitcase is ready to go to Vegas now!

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