Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beading Catastrophe

It was my second time for one of my works to fall apart or lose beads. It was funny as I do not expect my work to fall apart. To say I was shocked says nothing for how my daughter Jessica felt when she was showing me how loose her bracelet was and it seemed to disintegrate before our eyes. It was the very first bracelet I had made for anyone except myself. However we must remember I have only been beading since March of 2008. In that short time we would not expect this to happen.

I made all my first bracelets with NYMO. I like Nymo alot, but at the beginning I did not condition the NYMO because I simply did not know I should. Because it was not conditioned, it tended to look fuzzy or frayed the longer I worked with it. I would say that it was weakened for sure. Again I did not know much about anything then. I really do not know much yet and I expect in 10 years there will still be lots for me to learn. I try to learn and listen to others and yet I imagine there will always be broken works to be repaired. What Jessica does not know is that I will not use the same beads as they were the Chinese beads I started with and now I do not buy Chinese beads at all.

I do not know if it was fact, but I was told recently that all Chinese beads have a high lead level??? At the DeLand Fall Art Festival I met a women with the most incredible Bead Work I had ever seen. It was out there as the best I have seen in person. How could I not ask for a card. I just listened to everything the woman said and gazed at her work and then walked away. Some of what the women told me was that she had written many articles in the past and that most of her work and ways she does things are copyrighted. How could I not find out her name? I did ask where she was from and I remember it was South East Florida somewhere. Hope that I see her again.

She did say that she beads without patterns and ad libs most of her work. When I say it was beautiful and neat and I wanted it, I am not exaggerating.


Lynn said...

I too started beading using nymo and always hated it. I now use a beading thread that I just love. I'd be happy to send you a sample so you can see if you like it. I get it from our local historical society and I know they get it from John Bead which is in Canada. If you like it, I can easily get the information for you so you can get a whole spool. My email is I had never heard of lead levels in glass beads from China. I usually use Czech or Japanese.

Carol said...

Well, you know that saying "live and learn". I've been using Fireline and like it really well. And I'm sure that you will run into the artisan again. Keep watching the designer pictures at the end of magazine articles. You may see her there.

Jacquie said...

Rairie, I have been beading a looong time. Have you ever tried using fireline? It comes in two colors (crystal, and smoke) It is very strong, and seems to be the preference these days with beaders. If you had crystals or large heavy beads with rough holes it may cut nymo. I buy mine at wal-mart in the fishing line and use 4 lb. or 6 lb. Only drawback If find with this is no assortment of colors, but the crystal seems to blend very well with those. Try it!!

jessicamae3 said...

aaaacccckkk you were trying to kill me with chinese beads!
hmmm, rem when I thought i lost that bracelet?
Probably should have! LOL
anyway, I love the flamingo and clasp so.....
dont my bracelets always give you the fits???

Donna said...

If you go to
and click on Artists in the lefthand box, they give the name and medium of all the participating artists. Maybe that will "ring a bell"?