Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Patience in Fishing!

Did I thank Amy for the delightful little Koi? No! Sorry, thank you Amy. It has taken about 25 hours or more and the project is far from done. Admittedly there were starts and stops and restarts and stops adding to the total hours of work. Then, of course, there are the rip outs. So where am I now? Good question.
The ring part is done. I think! Well as done as it can be until I tie it in with the back part and the closure. I am still thinking of the way to make the closure/toggle. I think I can make a toggle in tubular peyote, if I remember how. That way I can use the three bead colors and spiral them (Maybe) to match the African Helix part some.
What did I say? Yes, the back half of the necklace is African Helix and then somehow it is going to have a ring at the one end that will link with the completed front ringed section. The other side of the African Helix will have the toggle that will close the whole thing...I think. I still have about 3 more inches of the African Helix to finish. When I do it in size 15's it is slow. Look at what I have and see what you think?

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jessicamae3 said...

WOW! Those two colors are so hot right now!!! You are doing an amazing job! MOTHER SUBMIT THAT!!! I am serious! You will be surprised what others think!
Trust me! hahahah famous last words!
I am most impressed!