Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flamethrower additions.

Well I have been so darn busy enjoying my new community that I have not paused for even a minute, in more than a month, to update this blog. Florida is truly a wonderful place to call home. However it does keep us busy.

The Flamethrower bracelet that I finished some time ago has generated much interest as it must appear to be of some kind of material that would be soft so people who venture a touch are somewhat surprised to feel the glass bead feel. The weight is also a bit of a surprise to me too.

The bracelet really needed a go-along touch and a necklace would have taken way to long to create and been overwhelming also. So the earrings have been a thought since the bracelet was completed. Exactly how to create them was the reason they did not get started before now. To be honest I was about over fringe for awhile! I had drawn up three different designs and none of them seemed to be what I really wanted. A few days ago I got the base color size 11's out and started to play with them. The base ended up being a rectangle of 19 rows by 10 beads a row of even peyote. The sterling silver earring wire was hung unto a corner at the red end so the earrings would hang on an angle and hopefully display the fringe colors to the best advantage.

The second earring base is not complete in this picture.

There are 7 more rows to be added in darker and darker reds.

The first earring has been completed and now to try it on. I am about half afraid to try it for fear I will not like it. Since I generally wear a moderate gold hoop, these are going to be over the top for me. If they do not hang right I know I will not wear them. Yes, I will be very disappointed! Wish me luck...