Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cab Bracelet Progress Report

 Fringe Is In!

After much thought, I have decided that my favorite "fancy" bracelet is the fringed one.  So I have decided that for sure the Cab bracelet should become the Brown Frnged Bracelet.  It really needs a name but that will no doubt happen as the hours pile up. 

The cab is about an inch and a quarter in diameter.  The 3/4 inch band is 12 beads wide. (#11's)  The band is done in even number peyote stitch.  The fringe is thirteen beads long.(#15's)  There are three diagonal rows of fringe in each of four or five main colors (four for sure and I just may have to add a fifth color when I get done with four) that will alternate across the bracelet.  There are approximately 8 fringes across in each of the three rows.  It will be closed with a snap.

Two colors have been added so far.

I am guessing that it will take about 25 to 30 hours total not counting the first attempt that I scrapped as shown it a prior blog.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wasting Time and Wishing I Were Shopping!

Sitting here playing games on the computer and Harv is napping on the sofa.   That is not what I wanted to do today.

Harv already biked for 3 hours / 30 miles around Victoria Gardens.  I imagine the neighbors think he is stalking them as he does the same ride 5 days a week.  He has a pattern that takes him around the community streets 3 or 4 times a day.  He came home and did the floors.  He dusted yesterday.  Yes you heard right.  He is the house cleaner.  I am the cook and laundress and other chores as they arise.

We did not have any other obligations today so I decided that we should do something fun.  I suggested the Outlet Malls in St. Augustine,  the Pavillon Mall at Port Orange and the beach in Ponce.  I Guess they did not attract Harv's attention as he did not answer and then laid down on the sofa and is softly snoring.

The other possiblity is that Harv is tired and done for the day,   I cannot help it if he leaves for his  biking at 5:15 in the morning to avoid the worse of the heat.  I guess his day is about over when I am thinking of doing something. 

Darn still did not get me out and I am sitting here wasting time.  Why am I not beading? Lazy would be the best answer to that one.  Oh forgot, Harv did offer to take us to get hair cuts; that is not a fun thing to do, right?  I should have said yes, as I would not be sitting here doing nothing!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Peyote and Cab Bracelet

Here I Go Again

The beginning of a new concept for the cab in the last blog.  I am not certain but I think it may get fringe much like the Flamethrower Bracelet from a long time ago.

A closer look at the peyote stitch.  I actually added 6 beads to the existing peyote bezel.  On the second row of the bezel peyote I added between the beads so the band grew out of the bezel so to speak.  The band then became a even numbered twelve bead band.

I continue to plan and re plan how I will finish the bracelet.  I could make it a base band with embellishments to give it a freeform look.  Or I could do another fringed band like I mentioned.  The fringed would be more like the one I made for the Hospice Auction last year. 

 It would be narrower as it is 3/4 inch and the Flamethrower is 1 3/8 inch, much wider.

                                            I will have to let you see what I decide later.  

Totally off the beading subject!  Do you ever photograph your meals?  Weird right?  Well based on my FaceBook friends not as weird as I first thought.  Others have posted meal pictures too.  The other night I had made dinner salads for Harv and I with some grilled hot peppers for a little pizazz!  Harv remarked that they were pretty as a picture and soooo!

Yes, they were good!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finished Purple Project Today


This is the purple pendant necklace that started out as a ring.  It is difficult to see how thick the stone and bezel area are but it measures 5/8 inch.  Meanwhile do you notice how the beads of the necklace get a little larger toward the back?  That was the mistake of replacing the 10's with 11's.  The Purple beads are also 11's.  The stitch, for those of you who do not follow me, is Russian Spiral.  The loop is circle peyote.  The toggle is a flat peyote that has been zippered together.

Now I have to think about getting busy on the multi-cab blue and ? necklace.  Oh and then there is the Freeform Peyote bracelet in brown tones with a big cab that is getting torn apart and restarted.  Hate to hear the rip rip sound.  I bet I have 6 hours in it and aside from the bezelled cab it is all getting ripped!

Can you hear the sound?