Monday, March 9, 2009

House in Florida to Sell NOW!

It seems like all we have done is move and clean out houses this past year. Now that we have moved to DeLand, we have to sell our house in Orange City. It is by far the most fun house I have ever lived in. I love this house.
It is a 1995 Jacobson manufactured home. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are more cupboards and built ins than anywhere I have ever lived. The closets are large with sliding doors. The master bedroom's are mirrored.
There are ceiling fans in all the rooms even in the kichenette/dinette area.(whoops not in the baths and kitchen only exhaust fans in them)
The whole front of the home is a Florida room but it is not a built on it is within the home itself. The home measures 26 feet wide by 56 feet long. We had a new shingled roof put on two years ago. There is a built on very large sun deck that is a screen room. There is also a car port and an attached shed/golf cart garage.

Yes I had the biggest flamingos.

Queen sized sleeper sofa that is new and is being sold with the house. It is in the dining room/library/den/computer room adjacent to the kitchen
. Sofa stays with the house.

View from the sleeper sofa room to the living room/Florida room in the front. The sofa leather recliner coffee table and end table also stay with the home.

Guest room. Bed does not stay.

Masterbedroom. King bed does not stay.

View from the front room through the kitchen. Sky light in kitchen and master bath gives wonderful natural light. The refrigerator is a year and a half old, dishwasher is less than a year old and the stove is 3 and a half years old. The 4 bar stools also stay with the home.

The master bath has a jacuzzi garden tub and also a large walk in shower with seat.

The home is in the Country Village 55 + retirement community. It is a great community with wonderful people. There is an active HMO with many activities. The pool is heated and great. There is also a hot tub at the pool. There was a golf course at the community but now you have to drive about 4 miles to the closest course. The community is rental lots and it is well maintained and the yard work is supplied. Garbage is collected twice a week and the yard waste from any bushes or trees is picked up once a week. There are about 400 homes in the community. It is adjacent to a RV park. It is about half way between Daytona Beach and Orlando. About 35 minutes to the beach and 50 minutes to Disney.

I almost forgot to mention that there is a laundry room when you enter from the screened deck. It has oodles of cupboards and a washer and dryer that stay too. The airconditioner/heat pump is about 4 years old.

If you want to live in this house it will cost you $63,000 for the home plus lot rent only 342 a month. It is a super house. It makes you smile!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Russian Spiral Bracelet in Brown and Cream

On my way to finishing a bracelet in Brown and Cream to match a necklace and earring combo I had made nearly a year ago. However it is a little different and I wondered how it would look together. Now I think it doesn't look quite like I wanted it to.

You tell me! It is a reverse. What you say? Well the necklace and earrings are made with Cream 11's and Brown 15's. The bracelet is the opposite. It is Cream 15's and Brown 11's. Hey it will be far enough away it will not clash completely I would say. It may draw attention as our eyes do pick out things like this, right? So it may be dramatic instead of a clash.

I will finish it and if it is not what I want to wear with the necklace, I will give it to Jessica. She wears a lot of browns lately and will need it
. I can make it to fit me snugly as she has much smaller wrists than I.

Tomorrow I am going to the Bead Show (yeah!) It is the place I took my first and only lesson. I have been a Beader for a year now. Thank you Candy for going to the Bead Show with me a year ago today. Since then my daughter Jessica, also my dearest friend, has made her first beaded bracelet. She is going to be great. No bead weaving for her however. One in the family is enough I guess. She is going tomorrow and we are going to love it. Also to add to the fun, my Sister In Law, Candy and her daughter Amy are going. Does it get any better than that???

Jessica's First!

May I gripe a little? Again! I am still waiting for the furniture company to get back to me but they guarantee that I will be happy when my cork board is fixed. I sure hope so, as I really like the furniture style and do want to add two more dining room chairs and maybe another bookcase and bedside table! They do not know that of course. If I do not get results with them, a
friend in Indiana is right by my side to see that American Signature Furniture gives me the service I deserve. Thank you Carol for offering your help...will let you know if I need you to do some research for me.

The next picture is for you. The Hawk is a visitor to the pond behind my house. "My Lake". He stopped by two days ago to welcome me. He was a morning visitor. I think he is a young Red Shoulder. There are several hawks in the community. There was a Bald Eagle I saw one time, s
o he may have just been passing through. Love Raptors!

He was sitting about 15 feet from my dining room window. Carol and I both like Hawks. I bet she would love to watch the pond with me for a day. There was a Wood Stork there most of yesterday. Hope he has no baby to drop here. There was a Great Egret and a Snowy Egret that visited several times...hey maybe they were not the same ones. Who would know? There are several ducks that are here then gone, too. There is a Belted (?) Kingfisher that is neat to watch. He perches for a long time in a tree and then swoops done into the water.

The Wood Stork.
He is pretty flying, showing off his black wings. However, he has the ugliest of heads. It looks like a vultures. No feathers!

Off to start my day, tomorrow it will be almost 8:00 AM instead of 7!

Monday, March 2, 2009

No More Excuses!

Well friends, I am back. Although I do not have a new creation ready to brag about, I do have a place to work prepared.

Just let me take a minute to
tell you how the fates have been working against me... A month ago as I returned from Las Vegas, the furniture for our new home was delivered. I had a bedroom suite from American Signature and decided to look at the local (Daytona Beach) store to see what I liked there. I ordered a load of furniture from them! Helping the economy in my own way I guess.

The most important part of that order was a Deb work area. I had a great computer desk at the other house and lots of storage in the way of cupboards and built ins. Not so with our new home. So I needed a place for my beads and computer and perhaps a place to work on my beading that did not include the dining room table. Voila!

It was the perfect piece of furniture to accommodate my favorite things.

When it was delivered we noticed a bad scratch in the cork board on the hutch part of the desk combo. A tech arrived the same day(to fix another problem) and he took the cork board back to add a piece of cork on top of the cork that was damaged and would have it back in no time. Okay. I loaded the base but allowed the top to remain empty as I awaited the cork part being
re-attached . After two deliveries, both that included a promise that the cork board would be ready and re-attached, I still did not have the cork in place. I was furious by now as it is 3 weeks time. I had to leave the deliveries to Harv so I did not go wacko on the guys delivering. They were not the ones that should have returned the cork. The Tech arrived after the second delivery and me going crazy on the store manager. Well at least explaining my frustration and disappointment in a less than calm manner. The tech arrives with the original board with a shabby attachment of cork. He was smart enough to bring along a second board and then started to reattach it...of course the holes in the back did not match up and now I have a partially attached board and I cannot hang my projects on the cork YET!

I warned the guy to have them send two men and a boy to reattach this one. I was loading the top, I had waited long enough. I gave them until this morning and now my beads have a place to call their own and I am back ready to bead. Yet the work station is not complete! I am way disappointed in the company. I made a huge order and they have been here 4 extra times because there were "issues".

I am still waiting for two items that will be available May 8th. Yes you heard me right. I had to order the day I did to assure that I would get all parts and then once the delivery was scheduled some 3 weeks later, some things were no longer available.

Projects waiting for completion

Drawers with just the right items in place.

You know that they will be rearranged more than once before I am happy with where everything is located!

Completed projects waiting to be hung!

And soon I will be bragging about a new item. No more excuses!

No more, honest!