Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gone Fishing!!

No don't get excited. I cannot hurt a fish. I can bead around one though. My niece, Amy, gave me another fish. This one is not glass beads, but is a metal fish pendent. It has been asking for a necklace to hang from for over two weeks.
Since finishing my Freeform bracelet, I have been as busy as a cat covering dodo. We had a huge garage sale with all the dishes, glassware, trash and treasures from our house as well as my Dad's attic.

I had about three false starts on the right necklace and I am not certain how this one will develop. I am happy with the colors now and also the circles. It is done in 15/0 beads so could take a while. When I work with the 15's I tend to get tired eyes and have to take breaks more frequently. Or is it really laziness. Not sure but whatever is the cause I will not be finishing it tomorrow. The picture gives an idea what it is going to look like. I think!
I need to think of making earrings to match??? Maybe the fish is just too big for me to wear as earrings. I could just hang a fish from each of my hoops I always wear and be done with it.
Did I tell you that Jessica sent me a not a gift. She did not like the way it was made but liked the beads. I added a few seed beads and a better clasp and well you darn better like it because it had a typical project for Jessica history. I made it three times. This is the final product!
Have a great evening...back to Fishing!

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yummy scrumptious oh so loving it!