Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fringed Flamingos

Really finished this time.
I tried to do the bracelet with fringe on the top and the peyote band plan about two inches each side of the snap closure.  It looked okay.  The problem arose however when I wore it.  You guessed it.  It rotated around so all that was visible on my wrist was the plain black band and the decorated part was on the bottom of my wrist.  Lots of work to be hidden.
 I probably should have made the white diamond a little larger on the underside but it matched the size of the other two white diamonds.
The bracelet base was made in peyote stitch with matte black size 11 delicas and a bezelled acrylic cabachon.  The fringe was created with size 15 matte black and white rounds.  I used fireline in original for the white beads and fireline in crystal for the black so you see the contrast at the ends of each fringe. There are a few silver lined 15's on the bezel to accent the cab.
A special thank you to my niece Amy for the thoughful gift of the cabachon.