Monday, July 7, 2008

Slowly But Surely the Bracelet Evolves

Get Ready Get Set---Bead! No, not exactly quick like a race. Seed beading is anything but fast, usually, and when it is a "freeform" it seems to crawl. Maybe it crawls because I do something and it does not look like I expected, so I take it out. It is just alot of stitches ,too.
This is where it is and there is lots of beading before it tells me it is done. Yes, I know. Somehow it seems as if you bead and bead and then all of a sudden it looks done, finally. That is when it is finished. Not alot of planning. However I am certain that there are beaders who make plan on "freeform", but I am not one of them. I pick out the color and sizes of beads I may use and then it just kind of happens.
Now you know my secrets.
Going to rest it for this was not going where I wanted it to.

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jessicamae3 said...

There are days I wish I could put the baby down and come back tomorrow...hmm, don't think that's a good idea though!
I love the bracelet! You do beautiful work. Peggy says I get my talents from you! I think it is the other way around! hehe
I am going to bed, it is late.