Monday, July 14, 2008

"The Hours Before Dawn"

No I am not writing poetry. That is what I am calling my newest Freeform Peyote bracelet. It is finally finished. I sure did puncture my thumb and fingers many times. I have been wanting to do it for a while and now I am glad to say it is as finished as it will be. I never know exactly when I am done but Harv kept telling me it was done. Think I will do a pictorial of the process. Ready or not! I did the cabs first. The third one is not finished in this pic.
It is started liner. There are about 3 rows of peyote done.
Starting to do the bridges. It is taking on its own personality.

I worked two days on a part that I ripped out and replaced with the three wrapped together strands with the Lava bead within.

Starting to embellish the bracelet. This is the fun part.

Ready to Wear!

Good Night!


jessicamae3 said...

love it!
you did a great job!
dads right it was done! ps dad, i was kidding about you and the camera!

Anonymous said...

Wow Aunt Deb this reads Kelly all over it!!!! Great job! Miss you...