Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fringe Fringe and More Fringe!

The fringe is going to take forever but it is growing on me! Each fringe has 13 size 15/0 beads. I am using two colors for each peyote base color.

As I begin the 5th color of fringe.

On to fringe color number

This close up gives a little feel for how many fringe sections there are already. Worked on the orange at Arts and Crafts at the Club on Tuesday. It is almost time to start the next color.

Speaking of color...could I ever create something in beads to rival my favorite orchid in full bloom?

Double clicking on any picture should enlarge it. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flamethrower and More

The sun's flame in the sky is more beautiful than anything I can create.

However I continue to try!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to Bead Heaven - The Flamethrower

For the longest time I have been envisioning a bracelet with colors ranging from bright yellow to crimson.

It is only the beginning and already I am seeing the end product...kind of.

This seems like a slow process. I did manage to take it along to Arts and Crafts to share with the other crafters that live in my new community.

This has been a long ordeal and I have just begun with the fringe. I have a few more colors in the 15/0's that I am using for the fringe. I am not certain how I will blend them all. I think it will definitely end up a Flamethrower!

Keep posted I will update as the colors change. (Does this sound like the ad for Bealls Outlet?) No time to work today...Happy Easter and I am off to cook and bake to try to dazzle the family.