Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fish Tale Concluded!

Well it is finished. I am happy with it, but the clasp could have been a tiny bit smaller or the loop a little larger. It takes a minute to fasten but it will loosen up right?
The camera did not portray the color really accurately. It is gold, terra cotta, and cornflower blue. It appears more turquoise. It is not.
I combined some neat elements for a change. Just doing a necklace is kind of a change in itself.
Thanks for looking.


Carol said...

Stopped by from Beaddreamz. Love your necklace for your tiny fish. I have been following your freeform and I love your bracelet. I have had many false starts on mine (I am a total new beader).

You have a nice spot. Please stop by mine.

jessicamae3 said...

Love love love love love love this! Can I have it?
Ok I will just borrow it!
Mom you are an amazing beader!
Oh go to my won an award from me.

Cero said...

I like this one... very interesting.