Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation - Las Vegas

I am suppose to be doing laundry and starting to pack!
I wanted to share the calendar so you can keep track of our trip.
Just like being there, right?

I will be without my computer this trip. The last time many of the free access to Internet sites were pay for. The trip before there were several casinos that had areas where there was free wireless service. I was surprised that they still had service, but were asking about $10 a day.
When we stay at Harrah's owned property, we have Diamond status that allows us to go to a lounge where there are free drinks, snacks, and computers. I can check email and that is about it.
We are suppose to be getting a TV at Caesars. It is to be shipped to our home. If it is to arrive in FL before us, I think it will have to be shipped to Jessica's address and wait for us to arrive.
Oh, just a comment on my newest bead project. It is a bracelet with Swaroski crystal squares about 1/2 inch. They are open in the center. I am linking them with 15/0 gold glass beads. The link is 6 beads wide in Peyote and about a two inch length. I am zipping the Peyote to form the ring. I have two crystals put together and working on the second Peyote ring. I would like it if the crystals would stay on an angle rather than just a side so I will have some work to do here. I will not finish before returning from Las Vegas in early September. Of course then it will be a 10 day mad house of packing for Florida and our visit on the way with Stacy and Bryan.
Wish me luck, cross your fingers, and anything else that may help me come back with as much money as I leave with. See I did not say so I win...staying even would be just fine, right!?


jessicamae3 said...

TV, what tv...it never arrived. Nice tv jessica...where'd you get it?
Oh this old thing? We've had it 4ever!
What the world??? You rambling about some bead project and NO PICTURE!!!! The injustice!

Anonymous said...

Staying even would be a joy. Hope that's what happens, Deb.


jessicamae3 said...

PS: I left you something on my blog...you have to go find it!

Cero said...

I hope you had a great time.