Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Rest of the Story

Mother would have loved this story. She had such a keen sense of humor and would have gotten such a laugh when I ran out of beads on the second green bracelet. The first was made with 15/0's and I had planned to do the same with the second one. When there was about an inch and a half to finish, I had run out of beads on my work pad and started looking for the vial of green. I sure did find it...empty. I am not certain why but there were less beads in the green vial and thus I could not complete the bracelet. I cut it up and then separated all the beads and started again with another size 11 bead in a green. It took three starts and a bit of chagrin when I thought it still would be too short but fortunately it worked and is now complete. The black and white is with Heather. The rest will be with their respective granddaughter or great granddaughter in a short time.
Heathers Bracelet
The final chapter will be the earrings...wish me luck. The wires are ordered and should be in soon. I am leaving for Vegas in a week so perhaps the earrings will have to wait. For sure they will.
I just remembered that I would be seeing a dear friend from California while I am in Las Vegas. She will need a bracelet with a flamingo on it!

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jessicamae3 said...

I am loving your hard work. The photo you took is FABULOUS!!!!
Tip: Take the photo again! This time back the camera off the subject right around 18" then crop it! The picture will be crisp and clear! As it stands, beads are a bit blurry!I think this photo is incredible and needs to be retaken to get the clarity and then the pic needs to accompany each of the bracelets!!! Just my opinion but it is an OUTSTANDING PHOTO!!!!!