Friday, September 5, 2008

We Survived 12 Days in Vegas

What happens in Vegas does not have to stay in Vegas, right? What a great time we had. We started out losing and losing and losing. We started our trip on a invite to Caesars Palace for a 27 inch HD TV. The 27" was free, but if you wanted the 32" behind door number 2 you had to play X amount of dollars more. Well who likes a challenge better than Harv and I? So play, play, play. Sure enough we got the most expensive 32" TV we will ever buy. Hey, it was fun trying to win. Just imagine for a minute that we won, won, won, instead of lose, lose, lose and sure enough it would have been a bargain, right? Right! The Suite we got was great and the jacuzzi was heavenly. At least, we had a wonderful room.

We move to Main Street Station from Caesars and the fun began. This was more like it. I could not do anything on my favorite machines in the front. However there were some old triple play machines and they must have remembered me. I had a great amount of luck on them and that started to dim the TV fiasco. I continued my good luck for the three days at MSS and we were getting triple points to sweeten the pot even more. MSS gives cash back so that ultimately triples the amount I was earning in cash back. Couple that with the offer we came to Main Street Station on; suite, gold card (free food at any restaurant owned by the property), $100 free play and the mentioned 3X points. Things were getting better. Should I mention the Double Hot Fudge Sundae Harv surprised me with as a carry-out at Midnight!

View from Main Street Station looking Northeast.

From MSS it was out to Henderson, NV to Sunset Station. Sunset is a neat casino with lots of stained glass and a great buffet. Who can resist. I have not had much luck there in the past, but hey it has such good food I need to try every trip!

This was a much better than average time spent at Sunset and I continued my winning ways. I should explain a little about luck and winning and losing as it applies to my Vegas experiences.

"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity". I prepare by practicing correct Video Poker Play via two different Video Poker Tutors softwares. Winning is when a Jackpot happens. Losing is the time I play waiting for the Jackpot. When I have a better than average time of winning in relationship to time of losing, I Smile!

Smiled at Main Street Station, smiled at Sunset Station.

On to the LV Hilton. This property is located at the end of the Monorail track and about two blocks off The Strip. It sits behind and half way between Wynn and Sahara Casinos on The Strip. We were invited to an anniversary celebration at Hilton. I did not win any of the drawings, but it is always fun being eligible. I won a cruise from Hilton some years ago so I have won there. I continued to win at the machines and thus a Smile for Hilton, too. We also won a limited edition Godard statue called "Sitting on Sevens". It is one of 2500 and cute. The TSA worker at the airport was a little put off by its shape in our carry on.

View from the Hilton - I guess they had a heavy equipment convention.

Final Casino on our Itinerary was Silverton. Silverton is a locals casino at the extreme southern end of the city. It is west of I-15 at Blue Diamond Blvd. If you have ever been to the Outlet Mall on the South Strip, Silverton is south of it at the next major intersection. It has a Bass Pro Shop on one side and a Casino Hotel on the other. It is completing an expansion that we look forward to on our next visit.

Silverton Mermaid bar - Jellyfish aquarium.

Silverton was trying to act like Caesars (making me a loser), but to be fair, I only played there one day and thus I believe having a little longer could have made me smile at Silverton, too, right? Next time! I will give them a longer time to make me smile. They did give me some free play and some free food and like all our visited casinos free rooms.
Yes, for a very big change we came back Winners! What a great and fun trip, and winning, too. It doesn't get any better than that.


jessicamae3 said...

A few things:
2. 10 days til florida!
3. Did you get me anything from your trip?
4. I am glad youre a winner.
5. Thank goodness you are blogging again.
6. I should be scrubbing floors, my inlaws are coming!

Cero said...

Glad you had a great trip. We are excited to see you two!