Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where Oh Where???

Well I really have been busy working on the bracelets. Although they are not going as fast as I thought they would. I did give the first one to Heather. It was the black and white. She is Grammy's youngest granddaughter. I was trying to do the math and I cannot figure out if she was born the April before Mother died. She would have been one day less than a month old then when Mother died. I could tell she was touched by the story and the bracelet.
Speaking of being touched. I told a little about the Grammy Beads on a Yahoo Group I belong to called Beaddreamz. The response from the lovely ladies associated with this group was amazing. It gave me many other viewpoints and made me very happy I started this project and especially blogged about it. They commented mostly on the Group forum. However, some of the members commented at the bottom of the blog itself.
I have 4 bracelets done and the other 4 underway.

(Click on the picture for a better look!)
I ordered Sterling Silver lever backed earring wires today so I can attempt to make earrings for the additional 5 that I wanted to have a Grammy Beads item.
The next decision is how to make the earrings. I could try making a bead with beads. Or I could try to make a flower with the beads. I saw a pattern in a Bead and Button magazine where there were hoops made with beads using about 3 or four different sizes. You may or may not know, that would be a challenge for me as I own basically two sizes of beads. There are 15/0 and 11/0. There are six packages of triangles that Jessica bought for me...maybe they would work. There are also several odd large beads, that I bought, that are vintage and would not probably be enough of any given color to match.
You now get the gist of the next hurdle. I have never made a pair of earrings before. So the work begins. You do know that I probably do not want any two pair alike, right?
The bracelets will be white and rainbow clear, white and black (Heathers), red and same color transparent red, red and orange lined red, lime green and lime green, lime green and transparent rainbow purple, yellow and tortoise shell brown, and yellow and transparent blue. The first named color is the Grammy Beads the second color is the smaller bead I had.


jessicamae3 said...

You are one busy beader!

Anonymous said...

The bracelets are coming along. Your granddaughters will love them.