Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer tomorrow!

Could 4th of July be far behind? Finished a Red, White and Blue bracelet to show in a group I belong to. I love seeing all the projects others do and submit to the photo section. I keep plugging along.

African Helix in size 15/0 beads with a blue bead and stars as button and a loop of red and white wrapped in blue beads. It is for me. I have been busy with gifts and this has been on the back burner. The stars were gift beads from my Niece and Sister-in-law, Amy and Candy. Thank you both. They gave me some other beads that are going to find themselves in projects soon.
I am in the process of cleaning out my Father's attic. He died in March and the attic has been waiting for 50 years to be organized. I really think that he refused to allow anyone to discard anything in that time. "Just put it in the attic, someone may need it." Wrong!
Need to fortify myself with some coffee, look at my beads, and then head back to the ATTIC!

1 comment:

jessicamae3 said...

i wish i was there to help you!!!
beauty, and i need that one!
you can wear it for the fourth and then give to me!
i am so selfish....
love you and miss u!