Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

Name 5 Things I do for myself:

1.Read Novels daily.

2. Seed Bead almost daily.

3. Go to lunch with family and friends.

4. Surf the Net often.

5. Gambling

Name 5 kind things I do for others.(friends, children and partner)

1. Communicate with my children.

2. Blog.

3. Listen to their problems.

4. Make dinner.

5. Tell them I love them, or is that for me?

Name 5 kind things I have done for strangers.

1. Told a clerk when she gave me change for $50. when I had paid with $20.

2. Discovered a student was being abused and turn it in. She claims I saved her life.

3. I made a bracelet for someone my daughter writes to in her wedding colors.

4. Tell strangers when I admire their clothing, jewelry or hair style choices.

5. I guess I am pretty selfish as I cannot think of a 5th good deed.

Name 5 hobbies I have.

1. Seed Beading

2. Ebay buying and selling

3. Reading

4. Photography ( with an over the hill camera)

5 Crocheting

Tag you are it...everyone who reads my blog and writes one of their own. Leave me a comment when you have finished yours so I can read it!

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