Monday, June 2, 2008

Just a Little Something

I love giving gifts. What a great compulsion that allows you to do what you have to do and then gift it to friends and relatives. They can hardly say NO as it is just a little something. They can always regift it, right?

The bracelet is a African Helix in shiny 11/0 black and white Toho beads. The findings are silver plated French Wire and Sterling Heart and Toggle. The Sterling Flamingo is a signature that enhances several of my pieces. Thanks to Jessicamae3 for that helpful suggestion. I used Fireline 8# as the thread. I like using the fireline as it snugs up a little better on this pattern. I like the feel of an African Helix done with NYMO better, but it is much harder to work with. Snugging so much seems to separate and weaken the fibers of the NYMO.

Off to read.


Anonymous said...

Um, last night you said you had to work on her bracelt to get it finished before she leaves...shes not leaving until Friday or Saturday........see you just needed to get your bead on!!!

Q said...

great bracelet! The flamingo is a great touch and a neat signature.