Monday, June 30, 2008

Off Topic- Attic

I have been doing very little beading recently and so I thought to show what I have been doing.
The picture does not seem to want to load so I will try to add it later. However I can still whine about all the hours I have spent filling a 10 cubic yard dumpster. The majority of the items were from my Fathers attic but the rest was from the closets and drawers and hutch in the house. I am certain I could fill another 4 cubic yard dumpster, too.
Harv has helped during most of the work and that means all the up and down steps. It is hard to believe how much has been stored and ignored for over 50 years. So much of what is there is photos and I am giving most of them to Jessica to scrapbook with or ignore or to pitch. She is the historian for the family so it is just her job, right? I wish I could easily send down lots of things...I still may. She better clean her closets as I can fill them for her.
That is only fair when she did that tag me thing. Right?
My parents have scads of pictures that no one is going to be able to identify. Identify all the people on the back of photos, so your kids know whether to discard them or hang on to them. Gee, I hope I start to take my own advise. I have always been good at telling others what to do. No, I do not listen to myself or anyone else for that matter.
I am selling some items online. My Ebay seller name is vegasnut.
That tells volumes about me too. We will be making our semiannual visit August 21 through September 2. Love Las Vegas. Especially when I win.
Darn we just realized we had forgotten our oldest grandson's birthday on the 28th. Happy Birthday Brandon.

Hugs to all!

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jessicamae3 said...

YOU FORGOT a birthday?????Not you!!!!!
How did that happen! I guess its from all the braggin of always having them on time...hahahaha Just kidding!
You did some serious work....
way to go!
Now, start labeling photos, I have a special labeling pencil that is acid free!!!
Love you