Sunday, June 15, 2008

Accidents Happen--Lesson Number ???

Someone must have told. Jessica knew that I was making a bracelet with the darn triangular beads she bought me. Well I thought she bought for me. Now that I think about it, she got them for me to make something for her. She is such a good daughter that she did not even tell me what to make. Hope she likes it!

Now for the rest of the story. I decided to make a toggle for the closure. I started by trying to make a zippered peyote toggle with both the blue and triangular beads. That is not something that was going to work for me. Maybe if I knew more I would have known what to do. The different size and shape was going to make the toggle a freeform mess that would not have looked like a toggle. So I decided to try something else. I did a tubular peyote with the round beads and accented the ends with the triangular. It was so darn cute, I attached it to the end of the bracelet. It was about a half inch from finished, so I could make adjustments for the length before it was finished. It would have had a loop of beads and be a beautiful creation. Well the toggle could not have been cuter or more perfect. I was finishing off all the loose threads and there was one on the toggle that I snipped when it was all knotted. I was using these great scissors that cut fireline so well.
I learned lesson number ??? do not cut too close to the toggle as you could accidentally cut a thread you do not want to cut. Hm mm. I cut and looked and wondered why the work looked loose at one point. I put a needle under the thread in question and it was cut. I did not cry...wanted to. I scrapped the toggle. New problems surfaced immediately. I had knotted several threads in the last inch or so of the bracelet. I had to cut off all that and then take off enough beads to keep about 3 inches of the original bracelet. I now had enough loose thread to add a new length of thread. I worked the bracelet from each end and added a sterling clasp and that is what you just saw in the pictures above.
Being self taught in most of what I do leaves lots of room for improvement. However each project I do, I learn a little something new. Most importantly I love every bit of it. Below is a quick pic of the bezels I made today for a freeform in blacks, gray, and crystal seeds I cannot wait to get started on.
Tomorrow I promise to do the laundry and weed some before playing beads!


Cero said...

Stacy loves hers.

She says Thanks!


jessicamae3 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE my bracelet, it looks scrumptios and I think it needs to go in the mail soon...and I think I need to find you some more beads...for bead...ya know....whatever you like....FOR ME!!!!!!!