Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cab Bracelet Progress Report

 Fringe Is In!

After much thought, I have decided that my favorite "fancy" bracelet is the fringed one.  So I have decided that for sure the Cab bracelet should become the Brown Frnged Bracelet.  It really needs a name but that will no doubt happen as the hours pile up. 

The cab is about an inch and a quarter in diameter.  The 3/4 inch band is 12 beads wide. (#11's)  The band is done in even number peyote stitch.  The fringe is thirteen beads long.(#15's)  There are three diagonal rows of fringe in each of four or five main colors (four for sure and I just may have to add a fifth color when I get done with four) that will alternate across the bracelet.  There are approximately 8 fringes across in each of the three rows.  It will be closed with a snap.

Two colors have been added so far.

I am guessing that it will take about 25 to 30 hours total not counting the first attempt that I scrapped as shown it a prior blog.

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