Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ring Bling

Women's Club Auction

This years contribution to the women's club auction.

The rings are made with 14mm Swarovski Rivolis.  They are bezelled with Miyuki delicas and size 15/0 seed beads.  The embellishments are Swarovski 4mm bicone crystals and seed beads.  The bands are with the  miyukis and seed beads.  Each ring takes approximately 4 hours without any glitches.

Along with the two rings for Women's Club are several other rings with Rivolis and stones. 

The topaz and jet rivoli rings on the right of this picture were made as Christmas gifts for the two sales ladies in the community where I live.  It is a little early for Christmas gift giving but I gave them yesterday.  It all started when the one asked to buy a ring she saw me making.  "I do not sell the projects I make." I told her. However, I said that I would make her one for Christmas.  I could not just give to one or the ladies.

As much as I enjoy making the Bling Rings, do you think I should start selling them? 


Carol said...

Why not! They are beautiful. Until it becomes a chore, get a little pocket money. If it gets to the point that you dread the task..well, that's time to stop.

Your rings are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You are hooked. They are beautiful! I think that the white one would be beautiful for a Christmas party. It looks like a snowflake. I think you should definitely sell them. It sounds like you could sell them right off your hand.