Sunday, August 7, 2011

Peyote and Cab Bracelet

Here I Go Again

The beginning of a new concept for the cab in the last blog.  I am not certain but I think it may get fringe much like the Flamethrower Bracelet from a long time ago.

A closer look at the peyote stitch.  I actually added 6 beads to the existing peyote bezel.  On the second row of the bezel peyote I added between the beads so the band grew out of the bezel so to speak.  The band then became a even numbered twelve bead band.

I continue to plan and re plan how I will finish the bracelet.  I could make it a base band with embellishments to give it a freeform look.  Or I could do another fringed band like I mentioned.  The fringed would be more like the one I made for the Hospice Auction last year. 

 It would be narrower as it is 3/4 inch and the Flamethrower is 1 3/8 inch, much wider.

                                            I will have to let you see what I decide later.  

Totally off the beading subject!  Do you ever photograph your meals?  Weird right?  Well based on my FaceBook friends not as weird as I first thought.  Others have posted meal pictures too.  The other night I had made dinner salads for Harv and I with some grilled hot peppers for a little pizazz!  Harv remarked that they were pretty as a picture and soooo!

Yes, they were good!

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