Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Year That Was!!

As 2008 draws to a close, it seems like a good time to reflect on where that year has gone. A great time to think about the changes that have occurred.

January we did our winter trip to Las Vegas. It was a fun time as usual. Ate too much lost too much money and had a ball. We love Vegas.

February marked the arrival of the Deibles for our firs
t extended winter in Florida together. Since we had bought the house here they would visit for short times once or twice a year. However they bought their own place. They bought bicycles too and fit into the community as if they had been here for years. How wonderful to enjoy time together. We do a lot together. The Sanibel Island trip and Tarpon Springs was terrific. They found better shells than we did though.

March was a sad month for us all as we traveled together to visit our Father, Duke, in his final hours. I guess we should not be sad at all as he had a beautiful life. He filled his time in a positive way and created beauty. He demanded lots of the people he loved but in equal parts to the demands he made on himself. He was a truly talented and diverse individual. Before the end of March, we waved goodby to Gordie and Candy. March is our anniversary. 32 years! I almost forgot I started beading in the early part of March and that was what got me blogging to begin with.

April is my birthday month. I turned 62. Did I say that out loud? I mean 27. Hey I have to admit my age long enough to apply for Social Security right? Wow that is a milestone.

May is beautiful and hot in Florida. We love it. Suc
h fun times spent with our Florida children. We sure do enjoy them.

June brought the Deibles back for a short visit. It seemed to extend to the time when we were heading north for the Summer. Our trip North included a quick visit with great friends in western NC mountains. They live near Franklin. The travels take us far enough west that we do not visit Bryan and Stacy in Charlotte this trip. On to PA for 3 months. Upon arriving in PA, Harv got the yard work in order and I did some inside cleaning (YUK). We then started cleaning out my Dad's attic and closets. It was only fair to his wife to remove the many things that were of no consequence to her and were only taking up space. To say that my dad was a pack rat that did not want to discard anything is putting it mildly.

July I put a For Sale sign in the window. As the economy was what is was, we thought it would take us 4 or 5 years if we ever sold the house. Or should I say until my Brother would sell our house. We need him to sell anything we are selling, as we are not good at it. However Gordie is the best salesman I have ever known.

August was a time for garage sales...ours. Work work work. We then went to Vegas again. The annual summer trip. We brought some of our money home that we had left in January.

September saw us starting to pack up for an early return to Fl. We decided to leave the Garage sale items on the tables in the garage for next summer. We removed the For Sale sign as there had been only two couples who had looked at the house and they did not return. By the 12th of September, we had the S
aturn filled to capacity and were headed down the road to FL. We stopped and visited two days with Bryan and Stacy in Charlotte. Stacy and I surprised Kelly my neice at her work. It is always fun to see Kelly. A week after returning back home in Florida, we got a call that someone wanted to see the PA. Hey Gordie want to show the house??

Well the rest is history so to speak. The house sold and we had to fly up in early October to empty it. That was accomplished in record time and soon we were on the road with a U HAUL full. Thanks again
Gordie and Candy. Two days later after a brief drop off of items to Bryan and Stacy in NC. Forgot to drop half of them, duh.

November was a colder than normal time in FL but sure was warmer than PA for the most part. We did our normal things, Harv exercise and me shop. Well I also had Jessica and family over for a few meals and coffee. We did the Flea Market/Farm Market on Wednesdays and everything was back to normal. Thanksgiving was at the Carters' in do we enjoy them.

December has been a bit of a whirlwind. We shopped for our cards. I know that is not Christmas shopping, but it is what we do. Money always fits. I do continue to shop nevertheless. We just do not buy gifts for others. I love to shop. On a trip a little over two weeks ago I suggested to Harv that we stop by an adult community near-by that offers homes of block and land you own...tada.

Yes we bought it! And now we have another house to sell!

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year too.

We are off to the Keys with the Carters', both families, as well as Stacy and Bryan.

See you after the New Year!


Carol said...

What a wonderful recap of your year. Its amazing how an event can be so stressful and chaotic when it occurs. Then, you look back and hardly remember anything but the good. Life has a way of helping us that way.

Love your new home. I am happy for you that you are adjusting so well to "retirement".

Have Happy Holidays and a great start to the new year.

Anonymous said...

This Carter certainly enjoyed your year of reflection....and what a year it was! {busy,busy,busy} Looking forward to spending Christmas with you and sharing our family together. Love, Peggy

jessicamae3 said...

Mom loved this blog post!! It has been a jam packed year hasn't it??/ I love having you in florida and so nearby! Who else would take me out to lunch so often?
Loved the recap and it is hard to believe so much has taken place!
PS: Can't wait for next years "Christmas Letter!"

Cero said...

Wow, busy year. Can't wait to see you two!