Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Florida Keys

When it comes to beauty, the Florida Keys rank right up there. Several members of our family spent the end of the year and New Years Eve in Islamarado Key. We were there from the 2
7th of December until Jan 3. It was a week of wonder. Wonder if I will wake up in time to photograph the sunrise, wonder what time I would start to lay in the sun, wonder what was for dinner! It was really a fun week.

Saturdays the 27th and Jan 3rd. were pretty much days of travel. There were 4 vehicles in our party, three pulling trailers with boats or kayaks. Harv and I have a car that cannot tow anything. We were the end of the line in case there was any trouble so we could stop quickly and help. Upon arriving at Breezy Palms our residence for the week, the boats had to be put into the water and tied up. In the dark, with wind, it was not an easy feat and I am glad I was not a part of it. We unloaded our car and gave unwanted advice and suggestions!

This was our first trip to visit the Keys and we woke the next day to a pleasant surprise. The ocean front motel was in a beautiful location about mile marker 80. It supplied a view of the ocean to rival any. The wind continued until mid day Monday so the 28th was not a good day to put in the kayaks or go out in the boats. Most of the group got some sun or swam in the pool or just rested. I believe I was sunning about 8:30 AM.

On Monday we had planned to take a trip to Key West. My daughter, Jessica, drove a car with her Mother and Sister-in-law and baby Jay. My son Bryan drove the other car with his wife Stacy and Harv and me and our Granddaughter Jayda. Jay, Mike and Jacob stayed behind and fished on the ocean. We took the Conch Train ride to get a feel for what was on Key West. At $29 per adult it was worth it, but I question the appeal for a gratuity on the engine. Oh well it was a great trip and our driver/guide was very informative. It was a wonderful overview and gave us a chance to decide how we wanted to spend the rest of the time there. We broke into small groups and did our own thing for about 2 hours and then departed before the festivities at sunset in Mallory Square were we had parked. The cruise ship that we had been on Nov. of '07 was in dock.

Each morning Jessica and any who were up early, met to photograph the sunrise. Four of the 7 days I managed to make it.

I mention that we had three cars pulling boats coming down. Bryan and Stacy pulled the kayaks. And I am so delighted they did. The kayaks which Jessica and Michael own were for me I know. I enjoyed kayaking with several family memebers. I loved the solo runs with Jessica and with Bryan the most. What a great way to share the beauty, with your children. I think this whole trip was a fishing trip, but for those who do not fish it was great too!

Did I mention that when the air was calm so was the water? This is the Atlantic Ocean within the protection of the Reef. So clear.

Each morning was beautiful and different at sunrise. A wonderful way to start the day.

At the end of the day we are together, my best friend and me..


Carol said...

What a lovely couple you are! Look made for each other!

Thanks for posting the pics. I have never been farther than Kentucky/Tenessee so I always like to see where others spend their vacations. I have a friend that goes to the Keys every Christmas/New Years. Don't know where, but I know there is an annual gay parade there.

Wonderful that you could spend the time with your kids. Wonderful memories for all of you.

Thanks Friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time. Loved reading about it on your blog. But one may ask...where are the beads? Remember your blog is entitled "Just Seeding Here". I just miss seeing your beautiful projects. Bright colored beads look beautiful with a tan. This advice coming from your pastey white niece in PA. Miss you guys, Amy

jessicamae3 said...

awwwe, that post put tears in my eyes....was it because I woke up freezing my a** off this morning???
Nah, that last sweet line and pic put a tear in my eye.
Hmmmm...maybe it is just pms.
Just kidding.
Heye, great blog post!
cant wait to go again.
PS IslamOrada.

jessicamae3 said...

youve been you