Thursday, December 4, 2008

What are Friends For?

They are there when you need them. And you are there when they need you.
I appreciate my reader friends who are supportive and suggestive. FIREWIRE is the answer. I have been using it for several months. I just bought my first crystal. I have been using the smoke color for awhile as it was all that my local Walmart had. I was introduced to Firewire on the Beaddreamz Yahoo Group. It is fishing line and although I have seen it in 50 yard spools at bead shops for $10 it is $13.99 at Bass Pro Shops as well as at Walmart for 125 yards. A bargain as bead weaving thread goes nevertheless and the best I have found for both strength and knoting. Thank you readers for the suggestion although I was using it but more for the others who also read this blog. I had not thought to mention that I no longer us NYMO.

I have been away from reading that group recently as I have been way busy??? Doing what??? who knows? Just do not seem to be beading as much as I want or following Beadreamz as much as I would like.

Jessica's Repaired Bracelet

The broken bracelet t
hat was Jessica's first is now completed. It is done with all new Japanese more Chinese. It is still made similar with three tones of blue. The pattern is my favorite Russian Spiral. The darkest blue beads are randomly added and it was the way I made the first so I did that again. I like the randomness of the placement and it just seems right. I have never done this with any other bracelet and yet I love it. I really need to do this more often as it really does make it a one of a kind gift.

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Carol said...

Look at you, putting props in your pictures!! I love that bracelet. I love the Russian Spiral. I use fireline also, almost exclusively, except when it can be too stiff. I didn't like it in my St. Petersburg necklace. But I use it to embroider with also. Really BDZ and BAD are the only groups I read now. But man, you miss a day and there's all kinds of new work there. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.