Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Projects and Yada Yada

Oh my, do I have my work cut out for me or what. We made reservations last evening for a quick trip to PA to pack up the house and rent a U-Haul and end an amazing era. I guess we will soon be exclusive residents in Florida who vacation in PA for a time in the summer. Provided we can find a furnished rental during the summer in the Greater Reynoldsville area. LOL

I am working on some projects that will have to go on hiatus for a couple weeks as we finish up the move.

While in PA this summer I found a necklace that was my Mothers with a jade shaped heart. I removed the jade and have begun a bracelet with the jade made into a cab.

Then there is the bracelet I started in PA with the Swarorski crystal squares and gold seeds. I had to get more of the gold beads and have done that but...

Oh and I am wanting to learn the berlini ? stitch as I love the spiral it makes so I actually bought some big, for me, size 8 beads.

There is the glass whale tail I bought at the DeLand craft fair. It is waiting for its necklace as it is a lovely pendant now.

Wonder if I could just take a few beads and a work on at least one at night. No I better not. I will be exhausted at night...blog you soon.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back on the blog. Love seeing your projects and progress. Miss you, Amy

PS Thanks to Jessica's tutorial I know how to do this. LOL

jessicamae3 said...

I am sure you better leave the beads here. I will keep a close eye on all your finished bracelets and necklaces...I have a key, I 'll let myself in. Hehehehe
I am sure you are thrilled to have sold the house! Take pictures of the inside...like the stairs railing, the spindles between the rooms that grampy made? Everyroom...so I can remember and brag about my dad remodeling the whole house! Plus to save the memories of us jumping off the railing while you were out and landing in a pile of clothes...without breaking bones! Wouldnt that be an awesome scrapbook page?? I will miss you...but then again, you will be here so much we will get on each others nerves soon enough....NAH! And if we do, we'll tell each other. Sailing into retirement and then one day I will choose your nursing home...I think I will keep you so I can torture you and steal all of your money. That is if you don't go off to vegas and spend it all! heheheheheh
PS Can I have that new cirlini or whatever project you make? I love the colors!
Jayda's bracelet is gorgeous!