Friday, October 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged. What does that mean you say. Well essentially it means that someone somewhere would like to know a little more about you. When you blog it is usually for yourself or for family or close friends. You would assume that all your readers would know you well. Maybe even too well.

The longer you blog the more you realize that new friends are reading you and even people you do not know have stopped by.

For those who do not know me well read on. For those who do, it is your day off!

1. I had taught Health and Physical Education for 34 years before my retirement and loved it very much. However I did not ever get to attend a special activity during school hours for my own children. If I had it to do over I would have taken a day off to share those times with my four children. Today I am babysitting for Jay my youngest grandchild so Jessica can spend time with Jayda at her Halloween activities at school.

2. I just lost 32 lbs. and I am feeling good about that. In fact, it may even be a little more than that as my original weigh-in was at my brothers...we are competitive so a bet/diet works best. Especially for me! "What?" you say does that mean. It means that my brother is going to be owing me big bucks come February 10th! At least if means that if he does not lose the 30 lbs. We have had these bets before and then we soon gain back the weight. The hard part this time is that every other month until July if the weight is not still off at the additional weigh-ins, you have lost the bet! No way!

3. I am looking forward to being a Florida resident, but will miss the special people from my life in PA. We have had some very happy years there and met some fantastic people. We still plan to spend time in the summer in PA, but it is never going to be quit the same. Now the next problem will be finding a rental that is furnished in the area near where we lived in Reynoldsville.

4. I love my seedbeading. Since it is a new to me hobby, I am really anxious to learn lots and lots! I have given away so many bracelets since learning in March of this year. I love to always have a gift available that is personal. I really try to match the bead colors and styles to the person. I love that me grandchildren like my handiwork too. The bead project done with beads my Mother had bought before her death in '82 will always standout as a project done with my Mother. If I had not discovered the art of seedbeading I would never have enjoyed that experience. I guess it confirms my theory that all things happen for a greater good.

5. I am verbose. Guess that comes with the territory. I write too much, talk too much, and tell too many details. My friends in college use to say, " Ask Deb what time it is and she will tell you how to build a watch". That had not changed. I am liking this tagging thing, but I do not know 7 people that I can tag. My daughter and Carol who tagged me are the only ones I know of who blog. I know that both of them have already been tagged so I will not do that to them again. I will just have to do my 7 items about me and that will have to do.

6. For over 20 years I showed Bulldogs. We bred them and loved them and I did the exhibiting of them at shows almost every weekend in the spring, summer and early fall. Because of where we lived, I did not enter winter shows as the weather was too unperdictable to travel the distances required to get to the shows. Some of the winter shows I did not attend were in Cleveland at the I-X center in mid December. This year I am judging Bulldogs and French Bulldogs at the Friday show. It seems funny to think I am flying from Fl to judge at a show that I felt was too likely to include snow. I am flying into Cleveland on the 11th of December. What is wrong with that picture?

7. The final thing I would like to share is how fortunate I feel to have found such a wonderful husband, Harv. We have been together for nearly 34 years. We each had two children by former marriages. We adopted each others children about 2 months after we were married. It has been so many years, sometimes I refer to the 4 kids I had. Opps I forget that I really did not had all four. In fact when asked which I did have I usually say, "Ah, I do not remember for sure. I know I had a boy and a girl. I just cannot seem to remember which ones." If you have gotten to the end of all this (Harvey, Bryan, Kim and Jessica) you will then know I love you all very much! Oh and Harv is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I have had some great things happen.

Thank you Carol for reading my blog and now you know a little more about me. I hope I do not get tagged again as I do not think I could come up with anything more to write about me.


Carol said...

O, You're so funny. I am chatty too. They tell me that I write a book when I am asked a question. I never knew there could be one word answers. Anyway, yours were very interesting. I knew you are a loving mother. I always like to hear when a couple has been married a long time and still love each other. Terry was a blind date 37 years ago and I often wonder why I am so lucky to have him love me as much as I love him! He makes me laugh everyday so I guess I will keep him 37 more. Yep, enjoy your Florida weather. It was below freezing in Northern Indiana last night!!!

Lynn said...

Your beading is beautiful. I was surprised to learn you just started in March. You are obviously a natural at it. I look forward to seeing more of your projects! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, beautiful story. It made me happy to read it. Your beading is "out of this world". I want you to know that today I saw bracelets not even near yours in beauty and quality priced 75 to 100$. You and Harv look darling in your pic. Love,Peggy {please tell me where these extra letters come from!?} e

jessicamae3 said...

Love this!!!