Sunday, October 26, 2008

Florida Resident-SeedBeader!

Well I do not know if I could really consider myself a seedbeader as I have not put needle and thread to bead for about 3 weeks.

The prospect of selling the house in PA and the subsequent sale and move have pretty much occupied the last three weeks and then some. It has been a bit of a whirlwind. We were only back in FL about a week and got a call that people were interested in looking at the house. This is the home in which we raised our 4 children and spent 33 happy years. We had taken the For Sale sign down a week before we returned to Florida on September 12.

Well my brother said sure he would show the house and the rest is history.

The next problem was getting back to PA and clearing out the years of accumulation. Could we do it is 9 days after arrival? Sure! (I think)

On October 13th we flew to DuBois via Cleveland. Amy had Candy's car at the airport for us. Thank you thank you! We started on Tuesday October 14th to clear everything out. We arrived in Florida in a U Haul on Wednesday October 22nd. As of this writing everything we could not part with is stuffed somewhere in our home in Florida.

The clue to the fast job was giving and throwing away everything that did not scream take me to Florida. The exceptions were the things that we had wanted to bring to Jessica and Bryan. Bryan's items were dropped in Charlotte except for the afghan and magazine rack I forgot to unload there. They are stored here and will find their way to Bryan and Stacy ASAP. The things for Jessica are now cluttering their home. Hey, what can I say?

This morning early, I started cleaning and organizing one area that I stuffed. I figure if I do a closet or drawer or cupboard a day it should not take too long to get the place back to near normal.

Jessica remarked last night that the Bulldog picture of "Mousse" did not seem to go in my Flamingo house. It is a part of our history that we could not say goodbye to. Our PA home was decorated in Bulldogs.

It spoke of the wonderful years we enjoyed showing and raising our Bulldogs. We met the greatest people and shared the best laughs and tears together. This is a part of Harv and my life that needs to be remembered forever. The only part we share in Bulldogs today, is when I am asked to judge them at a Dog Show.
Seeing the Rainbow on our way, seemed to promise more happy years as

Florida Residents!


jessicamae3 said...

Look at you blog! Peggy would love to see the pics of the whole house mom!!! Next post do a tribute to the house and post all those pics!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home,wonderful memories!Thank you for sharing with me. See you soon!!! Love, Peggy

Carol said...

What a beautiful home you had in PA. You have been lucky to have two places to call home. Now you can enjoy sunny weather year round while we up north are struggling to adjust our lives to Daylight Savings Time and snow. Seedbeader? why yes you are and when the time comes, you'll be right back at it!!

Carol said...

Hi, I know you are busy right now, but you don't have to do this right away. I tagged you. Please play.

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