Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where in the World Have I Been


Lots has been happening in my world but... I have been lazy about writing.
I decided today that I was playing too many FB games and doing too little constuctively. So here I am.
Beading has taken a back burner at times but I continue to bead. Still doing my Russian Spiral bracelets, Freeform Peyote bracelets, and have done a few rings lately for the bling of it!
This nugget ring was fun and I made another is blue coral for Jessica. I bezelled a marquis cut topaz and made it into a ring also. The stone came from an old ring of my mothers that the setting was distroyed somehow.
Hope this means I am back to blogging again. See you soon!


Carol said...

I see you all over FB but I just never comment there anymore and play the games at the end of the day only.
Glad you are still beading. I do too, but have been crocheting baby blanket gifts lately trying to destash my yarn.
xx, Carol

O, we are having a discussion. Is it less expensive to live in Florida or back home? I will relate the answer to my grandkids.

jessicamae3 said...

Love it!