Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Keeps Me Busy

Gazing out the Window

Views From My Backyard

This beautiful Sandhill Crane is part of a family of 3. He/She liked the looks of this plant in the neighbors backyard so was eating bugs from it and throwing dirt everywhere to get to them. The males and females look identical so I do not know if this is Dad or Mom but the baby does not have the red on the head yet.

Our Resident Alligator "Stick"  lives in the pond behind our house.  He is fascinating to watch. When he first arrived he was about a foot long.  He is now about 4 feet but still young and cute...10 feet long he may not be so cute! 

Great Blue Heron stopped by to do some fishing recently and Harv caught him with his mouth full!  He had quit a time of eating his meal and I wonder if perhaps "Stick" did not get some of it!

View From the Front Porch

When we see a bright orange reflection in the livingroom coming from the front door window.  We know it is time to grab the camera and head out to the front porch.

When I settle down and stop looking at the outdoors I do bead a little!

These two necklace projects should be much further along at this point but...

This pendant started as a purple polished stone that I had wanted as a ring.  When it was finally bezelled it was like a ring on steroids.  A pendant was born. 

 The necklace is Russian Spiral but with a bit of a twist...I ran out of the clear AB and when I replaced them I realized they had been 10s and I purchased 11s.  I opened the starting side and added thread so that the larger look was on both sides and the pendant will hang on the smaller area.  Will look like I planned it that way in the end. 
Don't Tell!

I bought several blue cabs at the flea market recently and what was going to be a blue collar necklace may end up being a primary color collar!  Sometimes I change boats in the middle of the river! 
But it is fun!

Today we are volunteering at the Tour Center in our Community and so I need to go get ready!


Carol said...

Wow, you have been beading a lot!! How do you live with an alagater in the back yard? Do you have a dog? or DID you? ~lol~
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

Our next lesson will be on how you made that gorgeous nugget ring. I have not looked at your blog in so long. I am glad you have been working/writing again.