Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beading to Bead Making

Ruffles and Lace---
I have discovered a new craft. Once a week, several of the crafters where I live get together and try our hand at making beads out of crafting clay. Some of the people in the group have quite a bit of experience, not me. I have been enjoying trying different types. Some are hand formed, some are made in a mold and some are a combination of each. Play with Clay we call ourselves!


jessicamae3 said...

The owl and curly haired girl are MINE MINE MINE I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are amazing! Look at that pink bracelet....submit that to Bead and Button IMMEDIATELY!
here's the link!

Carol said...

Hey Deb, Glad you are still beading. Love your free form. I need to try one again, now that I am a better beader!

Anonymous said...

What a treat....absolutely gorgeous!!! I know from where Jessica gets her creative and artistic genes. Peggy

Cheri said...

Hi Deb and fellow Beader!
So happy you found me and left a note on my blog,
Wow your pink bracelet is gorgeous and love love your style, like the message above yes you should submit to Bead and Button, it is so gracefully done!
I also love your play with clay and incorporating them into your beading, this is going to be fun following you!
Thank your daughter for me and want to read more but have to throw some snow around outside, we got another two inches here in Minneapolis but will be back.
Your tan and beach photo are stunning!