Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Gift for Shari

Some people you meet you like right away. It is especially easy when that person does kind things for others. The first kindness was a gift for Harv. The second was for our community. She makes it a point to make us smile and enjoy ourselves. And it is always a pleasure to see her with her parents, the love is obvious. This is Shari and Shari collects elephants. And Deb makes gifts for people that she admires...but never with an animal within!

And so I start and restart and restart yet again. Darn that part that sticks out on the back leg...pretend it is a kneecap and move on!

See there is a stick out place on the picture I was working from...however it was created as a crochet pattern and bead weaving is just a bit different.

Miss elephant is done...well as done as she is going to what?

The indented area is because I shifted from the black 11 Delicas to a 15 round bead. It worked well as I did not want the back of the bracelet to be as wide. I tried other options and ripped ripped and ripped some more.

The closure is a black snap that I found at my Mothers last summer. Smaller than the ones on the Flamethrower bracelet but also vintage.

Viola! Finished! It is not the most perfect elephant, but it sure is a one of a kind gift. Thanks Shari for being such a neat person! (Oh I will leave it on your doorstep before I leave for Las Vegas!)


Carol said...

What a thoughtful gift that I am sure Shari will treasure. The best presents are the unexpected ones.

Anonymous said...

I need to learn how to do all this when you come up North. I have seen several things in books and would love to make them, but I just need the right teacher. Do you know anyone? I have also learned to grow fond of elephants as they are the mascot of Chris' favorite football team. Love seeing your work. Thanks for letting dad know I could find you back on the blog.

Anonymous said...

What a precious neat and unusual. You are so thoughtful. Hope luck is with you in Vegas and you're both having a blast! Love,Peggy

Anonymous said... have been keeping your blog audience waiting too long. Get back to beading :). Your loving neice, Amy