Saturday, June 13, 2009

New and Different!

Well this is a little different for me and has been sitting around waiting to be finished since forever. I did the Cellini Spiral months ago but did not want the whole bracelet in it. However I was stumped about what I did want to do. I simply changed to my standby Russian Spiral. I used only the smaller two sized beads. The 11 and 15 and it made the bracelet more flexible. The bead at the end is a piece of turquoise that my sister in law gave me when her daughter made her a super necklace. The loop was a little large so I modified it to be arrow shaped and that seems to help. The first time I wear it I will know if I really did correct to too large opening.

I now only have one long time on deck project and it is with square Swarovski crystals and tiny gold beads that I am making into peyote rings to hold the open square crystals. I think it will have to be a gift as I would need one more crystal to make it large enough for my wrist.

It will have to be someone very special as it takes forever to make the darn rings.

Now for the fun stuff...My daughter Jessica and her kind husband Michael and baby boy Jay took me kayaking with them today. I absolutely had a ball. What a great couple to include the old lady and I am the one that make the baby cry...awe. How fortunate that they have 3 kayaks. I do recall that Michael mentioned that he needs to sell one of the kayaks...could that be a hint????


jessicamae3 said...

Love the bracelet, I always need a gift, and no it is nothing personal. wink wink Kayak for sale CHEAP!

Carol said...

Get the Kayak! You had a ball! Probably good excercise too.

The bracelet is great. I really don't like Cellini entirely on a bracelet or necklace, but I love what you did with this. You really broke it up and made it interesting.

Good Kayaking!