Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome To My World! Carol's Challenge

Carol 's Challenge was intriguing and today I attempted to follow through with it. However, it is a day that Blogspot does not want to upload my pictures, again! This is a issue I originally blamed on Vista operating system but now I am more inclined to blame the blog owners. Hey we have to blame someone it could not be something I may do wrong.

Where I live in Orange City, Florida

The Challenge was simply to photograph your world to let those who may read your blog know what you see and even perhaps do in the day. Those of you who read my blog because of the seed beading know what I do when I can and have seen my work. That is what led me to Carols blog and her challenge. She too is a beader. An interesting lady with many dimensions.

A brown anole; there are so many of these, I love the green anoles best.

Some kind of woodpecker working on the bamboo stand a couple of blocks from my house.

The fruits (?) of a palm in my neighborhood.

A naval orange tree. The fruit should be sweet with our cold weather! Brrr

My favorite live oak as you enter my community. Love the old south look it gives.

Sandhill Cranes are everywhere and I love them, I call them my chickens.

The night before the challenge 7:55PM

The Shuttle on the 14th as seen from in front of my house.

The shuttle as it climbs into the darkness. Breathtaking each time we see it!
Thanks for visiting my world!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever seen the outside of your house. Beautiful! We finally have all of your heirlooms displayed in our home. Thanks again. Cole and I put our Christmas tree up on Veteran's Day. Everyone I work with thinks it is too early. I told them...I am used to seeing a Christmas tree at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was always our "Rairie Christmas".

Carol said...

Deb, thank you so much for posting your pictures. I have never really traveled too far from Indiana so I have no idea what other areas look like except what I see on TV. Your pictures are amazing because they are of things I have NEVER seen.
Fruit of a Palm tree. Cool. I thought they had coconuts on top!
That Oak tree is astounding. I have oak trees, but with acorns and they don't look anything like yours. Such a neat trees.
Never knew there was bamboo in Florida. And the cranes are beautiful. Your home looks very Floridian. Light and Airy. Nice place to spend your retirement.

Thanks Again. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your post.

Jacquie said...

Rairie, first time to your blog..Very nice post. Your "chickens" are gorgeous. We get the pure white ones out where I live. How amazing to be able to see the shuttle in the night sky! Wow.

Cero said...

Great Pictures. I can't wait to get down there next month.